Ryze Project

Ryze (“rise”) comes from the Czech word Ryzí, meaning genuine and pure.  

It defines our curated collection of handmade European accessories and reminds us to stand up for what we believe in, the arts.

"My initial connection to Ryze was gravitational - I was immediately enamored when I first came across their collection.  Their designers articulate a delicate balance of unique materials and minimalist aesthetic through their work to create entirely individual pieces.  When I wear them I truly feel as though I am wearing a work of art."
- Rose Disarno, Architectural Designer, Gensler
"The pieces from Ryze remind me of those I seek out during my own travels; locally crafted statement pieces that are sure-fire conversation starters. the pieces have a one-of-a-kind quality about them and are a great introduction to new designers from around the world."
- Anuja Madar, Content Strategist, Marriott International
"I love to buy from independent designers because not only do I get unique handcrafted objects, but I feel I'm supporting creativity and innovation. Ryze takes it a couple of steps further; they sell beautifully curated pieces from independent designers AND give back to our communities’ future generation of artists."
- Vanessa Salas, Animation Artist, Disney