Calvino Pebble Earrings Ruby Jack , Ryze Project

Ruby Jack Calvino Pebble Earrings

Ruby Jack

Drawing from worn pebbles, beach glass, tiny treasures and graphic notation, The Calvino Pebble Earrings are understated but artistic.  Available in polished brass.

    • Handmade Necklace
    • Polished brass
    • Sterling silver backs
    • Dimensions: approx. 1” long x .5" wide
    • Handmade in London, UK
  • NOTE: Due to the characteristics of artisanal production and the design process, the size and contour of the piece may slightly vary, making each piece of jewelry slightly different compared to the pictures.

Handmade by Ruby Jack


Ruby Jack is a designer, stylist and recording artist, living in South East London, United Kingdom. Her paintings are recreations of her musical compositions, which have in turn become the basis for all three of her current jewelry collections. Ruby's pieces are all hand made at her home studio, where she sands, seals, solders or smooths, each and every order.

Drawing inspiration from musical maps/experimental musical notation, her mothers wardrobe and imaginary forgotten cities, Ruby creates graphic, statement pieces, designed to spark a conversation and complete an outfit.

 Her pieces have caught the eye of many including Zarina Akers (stylist to Beyonce).


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