Tyformy Porcelain Tube Necklace - Ryze Project

Tyformy Porcelain Tube Necklace


The renaissance collars was the idea behind the Duchess geometric collection. Semi-circular porcelain necklaces and bracelets are coated with 10% gold and platinum solution and combined with pleated elastic textile material. The final product is a modern variation of a characteristic medieval clothing accessories.


      • Materials: White Porcelain, pleated rubber
      • Size of tubes: range from 0.7” - 1”
      • Length: 13.7”
      • Handmade in Prague, Czech Republic

Handmade by TYFORMY

Tyformy is a young independent studio that focuses on creating objects mainly from porcelain. Pavla Vachunova is behind the produced objects on the edge between free and applied art. The studios repertoire ranges from jewelry, to porcelain home goods and large outdoor sculptures. The main inspiration for Tyformy designs is nature, its shapes and complex processes. Some objects are made in the studio, others on the ground at a given location.


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