Care instructions - Ryze Project

Care instructions


Anna Rosa Moschouti Jewelry

As with most jewelry, water and chemicals should be avoided. Try not to wear your jewelry when cleaning, cooking or working under bad conditions. Keep your item away from constant direct sunlight and store in a safe place when not wearing.

The materials use, like most things around us, wear down over time. Please consider this as a part of an organic procedure and not as damage.

Copper - All copper pieces are professionally polished in order to keep their shine as long as possible. However, copper tarnishes over time and will get darker and duller. This is part of the process. If you want to restore its shine you can either use a polishing cloth or a polishing compound found at hardware stores and big super markets.

Shit Happens

Porcelain should be treated with care; as with glass or ceramic porcelain could chatter or break if it falls. Clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Ruby Jack London Jewelry

All Ruby Jack Jewelery should be stored in it’s original box, or away from other pieces, so as to prevent scratches to the surface or damage to the sterling silver backs, which are inherently fragile.

Patinas and Gold tone brass finishes are ephemeral in nature and will change over time. Patinas will wear away gradually and gold tones will deepen as they oxidise. We encourage you to embrace these changes and enjoy your jewelery as it evolves. Please read on for the best ways to care for your pieces.

Direct contact with perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and aerosols may accelerate the development of oxidisation on gold tone brass jewelery and wear away any blue or black patinas. Remove all jewelery when showering, swimming and exercising. 


The easiest way to maintain the gold tone of any brass pieces, is to wipe down with a polishing cloth after each wear. If polishing with a cloth alone is not enough to remove any tough stains, read on for a natural polish and cleanser option.

Mix juice of half a lemon with a teaspoon of baking soda in order to form a paste. Using a cloth, apply the paste to your jewelery and rub in one direction. Repeat until clean, wipe off the paste, rinse with water and pat dry. Once dry, polish vigorously with a jewelery polishing cloth.


​Ruby Jack Jewelry is made from a variety of metals and materials. If you are allergic to some metals, please only shop precious metals and stay clear of any pieces made with indian costume jewelry.



Vegetable-tanned leather will age beautifully, creating their own unique patina and last life-times with proper care. 

Clean it regularly with a damp, soapy cloth. Condition it often to extend its life - at least twice a year, more if you're using it daily.


Does not require leather spray and should not be treated with any chemical. If leather goods have stains, clean with a soft wet cloth. Leather colors will not fade.

Pendular Pocket

Treat bag with a cleaning cream, such as Tarrago Leather care balm at least twice a month to keep clean and nourished. Apply a drop size on a clean cotton clothe and evenly distribute in gentle circular motions on the bag. Being liquid, it will darken the leather at first and then dry back to original color. Apply thoroughly throughout for even coat.