Makers - Ryze Project


Handmade in Antwerp, Belgium

Anna Rosa Moschouti changes the standard of statement jewelry. Greek/Dutch designer began her journey after studying architecture and realizing her passion lays in minimalistic, small-scaled wearable objects. The handcrafted collection features simple designs that are meant to offer a lifetime of meaningful wear. This line dedicates itself to fueling creativity and empowering women through accenting the wearer’s sophisticated style. Never underestimate the minimalist’s ability to make a statement. 


Made in Barcelona, Spain

Andrea Viêntëc came to us through some mutual friends in Barcelona. Right away, we were interested in her focus on headwear because we’ve always found it difficult to look cool with hats or scarves. That’s not the case with Andrea’s pieces, which do a great job of adding personality to one’s look of the day. Lately, she’s been expanding beyond headwear to jewelry and other made-to-measure works, all with a strong devotion to traditional millinery techniques and time demanding craftsmanship. We appreciate her integrity as much as we like how we look in everything she makes.



Made in Prague, Czech Republic

This amazing collection is 3D printed from brass and then gold plated by hand. A storied collaboration between one of the best Czech jewelry designers of her generation, Markéta Richterova and her life partner, Zbynek Krulich, an interior and product designer, Blueberries is named from being born during the Blueberry ripening in the summer of 2012. Eva has known this couple for many years and can vouch for the fact that they live their lives through their designs. Their products may not suit everyone’s taste. But for those who love this work as much as we do, here’s your chance to own some very special and exclusive jewelry pieces made through the newest technologies and finest materials.


Made in France

Béatrice de Crécy and Jean-Gabriel Huez created French sock company, Bonne Maison in 2012. Socks quickly became their canvas to create designs incorporating inspiration from all angles of life. Each pair is intricately woven from the highest quality Egyptian cotton using traditional spinning techniques in Italy. The fine gauge ensures optimal strength by issuing a double thread knit. Crécy and Huez construct their own color scale for every collection, making each shade unique to Bonne Maison. Each collection tells a story, following a specific theme through various designs and patterns. Bonne Maison transforms the everyday sock to a wearable art form.


Made in Prague, Czech Republic

Braasi Industry is a Czech brand for fanatics of culture, travel, nature and urban cycling. Created by architects Eliška Slámová and Šimon Brabec, Braasi produces backpacks for every day use in both urban and natural environments. Their collection currently includes backpacks that have been inspired by the simple mountaineering equipment of the 80's. Their products are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, leaving no room for excess.


Made in Paris, France

DeNovembre is a fashion accessories brand specializing in beautifully colored silk and wool scarves. Using unique techniques such as reserve dyeing, hand-embroidery, crochet and hand-weaving, maker Judith Bourdin and her sister Elsa, a costume designer, do much of the work in their Parisian studio. Four years ago Judith completed a residency program in India to learn hand-dyeing processes with a Bandhani master: Jabbar Bey. DeNovembre now works in partnership with Jabbar for the coloring aspects of production. Beyond our love of DeNovembre’s organic designs, it was the idea of up-cycling that made us see them as a perfect partner for Ryze. They put so much passion into crafting fabrics that they cannot bare to waste even a centimeter of material. A sentiment that inspires us to examine waste in our own lives. 


Made in Istanbul, Turkey

El Quinto is an Istanbul based jewelry brand, designed by Hazal Kiziltoprak, who produces one-of-a-kind pieces using a variety of materials. Hazal believes that the nature of her designs have the ability to merge with the style of the person who wears it, which means that each piece truly takes on a life of its own. We love El Quinto so much that we’re often inspired to match new outfits with each piece, rather than the other way around.


Made in Gdynia, Poland


Emilia Kohut designs her jewelry in Gdynia, Poland. A graduate of Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, she began her career in the Laboratory of Small Industrial Design and Jewelry. Staying true to her laboratory roots, she experiments with materials like amber, wood and fishskins, constantly pushing her limits to powerful results. Mostly, we love that no matter how far she explores the possibility of design, all of her work comes back to the same wonderful brand of sexy and sensual.


Made in Mikulov, Czech Republic

Karla is a Czech jewelry label created in the studio of Karla Olšáková and based in a small town in South Moravian Region, right on the Austrian border. Karlais known for its bespoke jewelry pieces, collections and limited editions. Clean, discreet and refined, the core of her work is to explore the intimate poetry of jewelry design with a focus on geometry and architectural principles. Karla was awarded several design awards since starting her label in 2011 and her work has been featured in international contemporary jewelry shows including LOOT, an annual exhibition of contemporary jewelry hosted by the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. 


Made in Aarhus, Denmark

Feeling the need to provide at least one accessories option for men, we did some research and stumbled upon Lemur, online of all places. Founded in 2014 by Portuguese architect Fernando Vale and Danish designer Nanna Ringsing, Lemur’s products are made in Aarhus, Denmark. We love the lines and angles their pieces have and while we initially approached them for men’s products we think that what they make would suit women just as well. They always aim for the highest levels of functionality, giving their users a part to play in the final role of the product. Their accessories are all hand-made in-house from leather.

Made in Prague, Czech Republic

The ladies of MOU, Veronika Zimcikova and Veronica Derdova, remind us of ourselves in a way. Like us, they feel that the world has forgotten some special parts of itself, in their case, the art of correspondence. To help restore the tradition of handwriting on paper between friends, family and acquaintances they’ve created this wonderful fine papers line. Starting with postcards and stationary sets, they’ve expanded to offer a wider range of notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, greeting cards and even wrapping paper. 


Made in Aalborg, Denmark and Daugavpils, Latvia

Ocult was founded by Sergejs Parfenovics and Karolis Raudonius in 2012 in Northern Denmark. They immigrated to Denmark from Latvia and Lithuania respectively, drawn by the Danish esthetic and culture. Sergejs, a trained furniture designer has translated his wood working skills into leather and textile. Their products contain superb raw materials, hand-stitched waxed thread and edges to enable longevity throughout everyday use. The duo aims to provide handcrafted accessories designed with simplicity, functionality, durability and balance at the forefront.


Made in Berlin, Germany

Pascale met Cristina of Pendular Pocket in Barcelona while shopping for her bridal gown. Cristina and Pascale instantly connected and when it came to light that Cristina makes this beautiful line of handmade bags, there was no question that we’d be working with her. Starting her bag designs in 2003, Cristina always saw bags as more than bags, which inspires her conceptual approach to the designs. Feeling that her real expertise is in craftsmanship, Cristina spends a good deal of time and effort with every single piece she makes. The hard work is apparent in her final products and she says that she takes a great deal of enjoyment from immersing herself in what she does. In 2015, Cristina moved from Spain to Berlin, Germany where she is learning German and getting daily inspiration for her collection.  


Made in Vladivostok, Russia

Like many of our designers, Present Simple finds inspiration in contemporary art and architecture. But what gives them their energy is the sea that surrounds their city of Vladivostok, Russia. Svetlana and Victor Parkhomchuk don’t just call their brand simple, they live by it. Their cement based products are cast, ground and polished by hand and each unique piece can take two to three days to create. We’re ever impressed and excited about the amazing and beautiful contradictions in these decorations that are surprisingly light, comfortable and pleasant to touch.


Made in Rome, Italy

Pyla is a line of simple yet innovative jewelry that focuses on form over substance. Maker Silvia Zoppellari, studied fashion and design in both her home city, Rome and the Europe's fashion capital, Paris. Silvia’s inspiration comes from architecture and turn-of-the-century modern artist Lucio Fontana and Sonia Delaunay for form and color, respectfully.  Her pieces’ materiality allows the wearer to adapt them to her own style.  The encounter between pure shapes and raw material makes PYLA effortless, definitive and everlasting.


Made in Prague, Czech Republic

This design group is as distinct as any. They’re self-empowered girls with a strong voice. They represent not just a unique style but also an attitude. Skipping any pretense, they never shy away from expressing what they feel and they’re not afraid to tackle controversy. Shit Happens products are for girls who want to let their inner bitch out from time to time.


Made in Prague, Czech Republic

Studio Dechberouci encompasses designers Katerina Matěchová and Karla Olšáková. Karla Olšáková continues to design her own collections as well as in collaboration with Matěchová. Beginning with natural materials, the duo transitioned to working with concrete to serve as the foundation for their jewelry. Their inspiration derives from their home of Prague and the concrete-infused architecture that surrounds them. Matěchová and Olšáková produce organic shapes with colorful accents, feminizing the material and creating sensuality. Individually crafted, Studio Dechberouci harmonizes concrete by transforming its technical background to establishing a gentle presence. 


Made in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zand-erover is a Dutch label formed by the Visser sisters, Sandy and Shelly. After graduation at a styling academy in Amsterdam, Sandy Visser wanted to continue to translate her fondness of nature into minimalist design. Eventually this culminated in a style which incorporates natural elements, forms, textures and colors into deliberate simplicity. Naturally simple, that is what Zand-erover is about. The first ideas for a new design always start with a simple piece of paper, folded into different shapes and eventually create products varying from bags, jewelry and accessories. The materials used are pure, and are chosen for their ability to visibly react when used.  All of their products are handmade in their Amsterdam studio.