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Our Story


Ryze Project is a curated collection of handmade European design accessories. After years of living throughout Europe, we were inspired by the juxtaposition between old world art and craftsmanship with the contemporary aesthetics of every city. With this, and a passion for simplicity, Ryze Project was born.  

We discover and partner with select independent designers whose tastes and ideals match our own.  People who live their lives to make what they make.  Then we share their handmade wares with people like you.  People who care about what they wear and from where it comes. 

We believe in giving you access to design that will make you look and feel special. We believe that well-crafted accessories allow you to be more creative with your style.  We love textures, geometric shapes, pops of color and refined quality.

"At Ryze Project, we believe that wearing stylish design lasts forever, while trends don’t."


Another reason we exist is to help others. Every year we partner with a new community arts organization, one of which we can all be proud, and we donate 5% of our profits and some of our time.
In this way, your purchase helps to encourage not only the artists of today but those of tomorrow.



Eva Zachová

Ahoj (that’s ‘hi’ in Czech). I’m Eva Zachova, born and raised Prague, a small city in the heart of Europe. Czech Republic is rich in history, architecture and creative people, which I am very proud to be a part of. In my travels, I really began to appreciate the different design styles in each place and grew my love for unique, handmade products. I realized that the mass produced products are missing personality. But a good product is timeless and will be classic. So now I love to discover new designers. The ones with great taste, who design things they would want for themselves. I teamed up with Pascale so we could introduce them to people who also care about these things.

Pascale Cardozo

Hola, I’m Pascale Cardozo from New York City. While living in Spain and exploring Europe for six years I found a new appreciation for details and handmade design. As a girl who likes to look good but live simply, I realized there’s a freedom in living with beautiful basics and began seeking out designs that fit my way of thinking. Eva and I came together through a passion we shared to tell the stories of the wonderful designers we’ve met and continue discovering. Given the opportunity to develop my skills as an adolescent dancer through an amazing non-profit arouse a passion in me to give back to similar organizations. I think everyone will love both the unique designers and the new organizations we’ll be working with.

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