Grey ombre cotton necklace, Ryze Project

3 Sisters Necklace N°4

El Quinto

The 3 sisters Collection by El Quinto is a family story beyond blood bonds. This necklace represents friends and siblings dear to the designers’ hearts. It is an interesting and lightweight piece that matches with many different outfits that need a little something. Match it with white tee and skinny jeans.


    • Organic materials (cotton, died rope, wood)
    • Handmade in Istanbul, Turkey

Type: Necklaces



    El Quinto is an Istanbul based jewelry brand, designed by Hazal Kiziltoprak, who produces one-of-a-kind pieces using a variety of materials. Hazal believes that the nature of her designs have the ability to merge with the style of the person who wears it, which means that each piece truly takes on a life of its own. We love El Quinto so much that we’re often inspired to match new outfits with each piece, rather than the other way around.


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