Tree Earrings 18K Gold plated


Printed, casted and 18k gold plated. Trees Earrings by Blueberries are part of an exclusive contemporary 3D-printed jewelry collection from Czech Republic. These are made for the girl who wants to stand out!


    • 18K gold plated brass
    • 3D-printed
    • Handmade in Czech Republic





This amazing collection is 3D printed from brass and then gold plated by hand. A storied collaboration between one of the best Czech jewelry designers of her generation, Markéta Richterova and her life partner, Zbynek Krulich, an interior and product designer, Blueberries is named from being born during the Blueberry ripening in the summer of 2012. Eva has known this couple for many years and can vouch for the fact that they live their lives through their designs. Their products may not suit everyone’s taste. But for those who love this work as much as we do, here’s your chance to own some very special and exclusive jewelry pieces made through the newest technologies and finest materials.


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