Grey Hat Socks - Ryze Project

Grey Hat Socks

Bonne Maison

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The inspiration behind Bonne Maison’s new “Le Chapeau” – “The Hat” collection, this sock tells a story of spring life in the countryside with small and delightful images. Constructed with high quality Egyptian cotton spun in Italy.  Using double thread knit and elastine for optimal quality. Every yarn dyed color pattern is made exclusively for their collections. Also check out the Dark Stripe Sock


    1. Material: 90% cotton, 8% polyanide, 2% elasthane
    2. Care: Machine washable
    3. Made in France
    1. Small: 5.5 to 7.5
    2. Medium: 7.5 to 9.5



Béatrice de Crécy and Jean-Gabriel Huez created French sock company, Bonne Maison in 2012. Socks quickly became their canvas to create designs incorporating inspiration from all angles of life. Each pair is intricately woven from the highest quality Egyptian cotton using traditional spinning techniques in Italy. The fine gauge ensures optimal strength by issuing a double thread knit. Crécy and Huez construct their own color scale for every collection, making each shade unique to Bonne Maison. Each collection tells a story, following a specific theme through various designs and patterns. Bonne Maison transforms the everyday sock to a wearable art form.




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