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Bread Crumble Cube Ring, Silver

Eliska Lhotska

Wear an organically shaped, delicate bread crumble on your hand everyday. Sterling Silver / Rose gold ring. The new Archeology jewelry collection by Eliška Lhotská examines the status of traditional values in our society, the changes in them and even their oblivion. Eliška casts a common piece of bread into metal to preserve it for the future. The bread becomes a cast piece of history which we might otherwise forget. Each piece of bread is hand-sculpted, a mold is created and then casted into the metal from the shapes of bread.


    • Sterling Silver 925 and Rose Gold plated
    • Size 7.5
    • Handmade in Prague, Czech Republic


Handmade by Eliska Lhotska



Czech designer Eliška Lhotská graduated was a Fine Arts major. She started her artistic career focusing on conceptual jewelry; creating a jewelry collection made from sourdough bread (yes you read that right!). Her inspiration came while studying in Poland, being away and missing the smell of home.  New Archeology is a jewelry collection for which even a thing as simple as a slice of bread needs to be cast in metal and thus preserved for the long-term future. The bread becomes a cast piece becomes a symbol of nostalgia, reminding us of history which we might otherwise forget.

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