Crater Drop Earrings - Ryze Project

Crater Drop Earrings


Introducing the Concrete Collection. A process of specialized grinding produces a textured, sphere shape that is partially sliced revealing a smooth inside. Connected are thin, silver rods that add durability. The vibrant color and unique shape make these Crater Drop Earrings a true statement piece.

  • Material: Concrete with stainless steel pieces, silver rod/post
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Handmade in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Length: 2 inches

    Type: Earrings




    Studio Dechberouci encompasses designers Katerina Matěchová and Karla Olšáková. Karla Olšáková continues to design her own collections as well as in collaboration with Matěchová. Beginning with natural materials, the duo transitioned to working with concrete to serve as the foundation for their jewelry. Their inspiration derives from their home of Prague and the concrete-infused architecture that surrounds them. Matěchová and Olšáková produce organic shapes with colorful accents, feminizing the material and creating sensuality. Individually crafted, Studio Dechberouci harmonizes concrete by transforming its technical background to establishing a gentle presence.


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