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Cube and Sphere necklace, Gray

Present Simple

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A minimal, architecture-inspired piece with a small cement cube and sphere hanging off of a matching cotton cord. Light-weight and very versatile. This necklace works well over all colored and patterned tops. Give your button-down shirt a little detail during work days and T-shirts on the weekends. Each piece is unique and has character due to the cement casting process.


    • Gray polished cement
    • Cotton cord, adjustable length






Like many of our designers, Present Simple finds inspiration in contemporary art and architecture. But what gives them their energy is the sea that surrounds their city of Vladivostok, Russia. Svetlana and Victor Parkhomchuk don’t just call their brand simple, they live by it. Their cement based products are cast, ground and polished by hand and each unique piece can take two to three days to create. We’re ever impressed and excited about the amazing and beautiful contradictions in these decorations that are surprisingly light, comfortable and pleasant to touch.



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