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Joy Bag, Neutrals - Limited Edition

Pendular Pocket

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Handcrafted in Berlin by Pendular Pocket, a design studio focused on artisanal leather bag production and creating pieces that will last a lifetime. With a chic and minimal hand-painted neutral pattern, we have no doubts that this bag will be a staple in your wardrobe. Its design is simple and includes two steel buttons for easy access and an adjustable strap to be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody. The natural Spanish leather creates a beautiful patina with time that includes a darker tone. Each bag is made in an artisanal fashion, making it one of a kind. Product may vary slightly from the image shown. Includes canvas dust bag for storage.


      • Material: Neutral Spanish leather with multicolor paint (drawing may vary slightly from image)
      • Size: 9" x 7" x 1.75"
      • Steel snap button closures
      • Adjustable strap
      • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
    • Treat bag with a cleaning cream, such as Tarrago Leather care balm ( at least twice a month to keep clean and nourished. Apply a drop size on a clean cotton clothe and evenly distribute in gentle circular motions on the bag. Being liquid, it will darken the leather at first and then dry back to original color. Apply thoroughly throughout for even coat. 



Pascale met Cristina of Pendular Pocket while shopping for her bridal gown. Cristina and Pascale instantly connected and when it came to light that Cristina makes this beautiful line of handmade bags, there was no question that we’d be working with her. Starting her bag designs in 2003, Cristina always saw bags as more than bags, which inspires her conceptual approach to the designs. Feeling that her real expertise is in craftsmanship, Cristina spends a good deal of time and effort with every single piece she makes. The hard work is apparent in her final products and she says that she takes a great deal of enjoyment from immersing herself in what she does. We’re happy to say that when we carry her bags, we enjoy ourselves as well. In 2015, Cristina moved from Spain to Berlin, Germany where she is learning German and getting daily inspiration for her collection.


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