Limited Edition Porcelain Flask - Ryze Project

Limited Edition Porcelain Flask

Shit Happens

Shit Happens Porcelain Studio doesn’t just make jewelry! These one-of-a-kind limited edition porcelain flasks were made especially for Ryze and those who love collecting beautiful things. Each unique flask was decorated with gold illustrations by Czech designer černý85. The flasks can be used to hold just enough booze for a proper lady or as a olive oil container for special gatherings. 

    • 100% Porcelain with gold accents
    • 3 x 1 3/4 x 4 1/2"
    • Styles: Large arrows, Small arrows, Gold symbols
    • Handmade in Czech Republic


    Type: Flasks



    This design group is as distinct as any. They’re self-empowered girls with a strong voice. They represent not just a unique style but also an attitude. Skipping any pretense, they never shy away from expressing what they feel and they’re not afraid to tackle controversy. Shit Happens products are for girls who want to let their inner bitch out from time to time.

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