Hollow oval earrings, Ryze Project

Kohut Large Hollow Oval Earrings

Emilia Kohut

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Emilia Kohut is one of the few highly skilled resin jewelry artists. She experiments with different forms, colors and fusion of dipping other materials in the resin cast, resulting in one-of- a-kind wearable pieces of art.  The Oval earrings have a tortoiseshell coloring all made by hand.  Due to the artisanal nature, product may vary slightly from the image shown.


    • Made with resin
    • Handmade in Gdynia, Poland


Handmade by EMILIA KOHUT


Emilia Kohut designs her jewelry in Gdynia, Poland. A graduate of Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, she began her career in the Laboratory of Small Industrial Design and Jewelry. Staying true to her laboratory roots, she experiments with materials like amber, wood and fishskins, constantly pushing her limits to powerful results. Mostly, we love that no matter how far she explores the possibility of design, all of her work comes back to the same wonderful brand of sexy and sensual.

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