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Lemur Fold Wallet, Dark Brown

Lemur Leather Goods

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Simple, practical yet modern and elegant. Made from a single piece of high quality leather, this wallet is perfect for holding cards, bills and even coins. Open in the front for quick access to the cards you use most as well as any other cards and bills. Open the back to easily access your coins.


    • Made from vegetable tanned leather
    • Dyed and finished by hand
    • Buttons carefully chosen in order to strongly hold your belongings
    • Handmade in Denmark
    • Dark Brown (screen colors may vary from actual colors)
    • Also available in Black here


Handmade by LEMUR



Feeling the need to provide at least one accessories option for men, we did some research and stumbled upon Lemur, online of all places. Founded in 2014 by Portuguese architect Fernando Vale and Danish designer Nanna Ringsing, Lemur’s products are made in Aarhus, Denmark. We love the lines and angles their pieces have and while we initially approached them for men’s products we think that what they make would suit women just as well. They always aim for the highest levels of functionality, giving their users a part to play in the final role of the product. Their accessories are all hand-made in-house from leather.

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