Planet Necklace Anna Rosa Moschouti, Ryze Project

AR.M Planet Necklace

Anna Rosa Moschouti

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The Plant Necklace is handmade of brass & blue corian or copper and white corian. The corian used is 100% recycled - sourced from a small, family-owned firm in Greece.


    • Blue corian and brass
    • White corian and copper
    • Dimensions: 1.5” wide x 2.25” long
    • Handmade in Antwerp, Belgium
  • As with most jewelry, water and chemicals should be avoided. Keep your item away from constant direct sunlight and store in a safe place when not wearing.



MyLifebox changes the standard of statement jewelry. Greek/Dutch designer, Anna-Rosa Moschouti, began her journey after studying architecture and realizing her passion lays in minimalistic, small-scaled wearable objects. The handcrafted collection features simple designs that are meant to offer a lifetime of meaningful wear. This line dedicates itself to fueling creativity and empowering women through accenting the wearer’s sophisticated style. Never underestimate the minimalist’s ability to make a statement. 


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