When Ring Gray/Silver II

Sh*t Happens

The "When" Ring is part of the latest collection by Sh*t happens. The collection is all about the chaos and daily battle that we fight within ourselves. These pieces are one-of-a-kind small sculptures; true wearable art. Each piece is hand sculpted by the designers in a unique shape.  Each one being unique. The ring can be worn both with casual outfits, but will definitely stand out most at night. 

      • Matte Gray porcelain
      • Hand-painted silver finish
      • Handmade in Czech Republic 
      • Size 5



This design group is as distinct as any. They’re self-empowered girls with a strong voice. They represent not just a unique style but also an attitude. Skipping any pretense, they never shy away from expressing what they feel and they’re not afraid to tackle controversy. Sh*t Happens products are for girls who want to let their inner b**** out from time to time.

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