Need Forest Sketchbook

MOU Paper Lovers

Anyone can be an artist with a sketchbook from Mou! Mou need forest is all about flowers, meadows, nature and ideas. Classical cardboard cover with spiral binding is filled with hand-drawn illustrations. Mou need forest, what about you? 


      • Includes: 40 blank white sheets
      • 2 more sheets with illustration inside
      • 2 cardboard covers and spiral binding 
      • Handmade in Prague, Czech Republic



The ladies of MOU, Veronika Žimčíková and Veronika Děrdová, remind us of ourselves in a way. Like us, they feel that the world has forgotten some special parts of itself, in their case, the art of correspondence. To help restore the tradition of handwriting on paper between friends, family and acquaintances they have created this wonderful fine papers line. Starting with postcards and stationary sets, they have expanded to offer a wider range of notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, greeting cards and even wrapping paper.

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